Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I dont know if you know, But I'm trying to get a Lesbian Romantic Comedy made with my writing partner Brandy Howard. We have unearthed every rock, sleazy skank, Professional Hollywood Shark, Lesbian with a wallet, Gay man with gay money and literally homeless people - who maybe could give us spare change. We have sucked people in, and have made people hate our fucking guts. Making a movie is just about the worst and best thing I have ever embarked on. ON a scale of one to worse. It's the Holocaust. BUT we will not be stopped and the world needs a funny, lesbian, romantic comedy. and you know it's true. While we sludge along with our script, we keep finding new ways to entertain ourselves and hopefully you. Soooooo, we have teamed up with autostraddle.com and we're doing a new Web Series! We're gonna review OTHER people's movies. Not because we're educated in any way in films but because we're bitter, and feel the best way to keep moving forward trying to get our own movie made is to talk shit about other people's. Here's a little sneak peek of our new show called "Julie & Brandy, In Your Box Office."

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  1. OMFG Julie I am LIVING for the looks you're pumping, girl! Can't wait to see more of you and Brandy. Also, a little bird told me that you may be co-hosting Jonny's podcast from L.A. Can't wait to hear you. You are never not giving me sexy butch comedy realness. Love you, girl. Boots.