Sunday, August 7, 2011


OFFENSIVE WOMEN returns for a ONE night only event in Marin, Ca @ The Throckmorton Theater. Joining me, is Betsy Salkind and Aundre The WOnderWOman. It's gonna be a kick ass night of inappropriate and outrageous comedy.

YOU MAY WONDER WHY THE SHOW IS CALLED "OFFENSIVE" Well, there's many reasons but here's one tid bit - beyond the obvious - Cause we're alive.

Well, a fellow comedian named DL HUGHLEY's recently appeared on -The Best New Worst Show "THE TALK" - Where he said - and defended, "Women are not as funny as men" "Women don't talk about worldy things" "Women talk about women things, and that's why theyre just not as funny or relevant. " ( BTW - I have no grammar or spelling ability - get into it)

Thanks DL. That bit you do about telling your"woman" to have a "plate" ready for you for when you come home is so funny and so relevant and so worldy and has nothing to do with you or your manliness.

GOd youre a douche. Youre the douchiest ignorant douchehose I have ever seen. I would Marry Rush Limbaugh, and have a million of his drug addled babies before even allowing my plate near you. And Thank you. Thank you for reminding me why I CHOSE to remain a HUGE ASS LESBIAN.

and BTW! LAdies of THE TALK. Shame on you for not being able to top that piece of shit. You allowed him and made it it possible for him to be the most articulate, level headed, and sense making one of the bunch. Not even you Sarah Gilbert - the one LEZ could hand his ass to him on his fucking , sexist, piled with shit Plate. SO disappointed.

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